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  1. Why don't get any graphics on the ipaudit home page? (Aug 23, 2000)

    The problem might lie anywhere in a long sequence of events. Here are some things to look at:

    • Are you getting any reports under the 30min traffic link? If not, then IPAudit is probably not reading any traffic.
    • Does the following file exist?
      If not, then probably the program ReportLog in the same directory may be broken.
    • Does the file ReportTraffic.gif exist (or perhaps .png in place of .gif)? If not, the problem is with the GraphTraffic file.
      If it does exist, then perhaps the home page /home/ipaudit/public_html/index.html has an incorrect link to the .gif (or .png) file.
  2. Is it possible to run IPAUDIT with multiple eth devices in the same config file? (Feb 1, 2001)

    Version 0.95 of ipaudit now allows multiple interfaces at once - so far I'm only aware of it working under Linux. If you know of success on other platforms I'd appreciate a quick note to jon.rifkin@uconn.edu. Thanks.

    An alternative way to accomplish the goal is to use this ugly workaround. Run two instances of ipaudit, one for each interface, and write the output to two separate files. THEN, use 'total' to combine them. For example, something like:
    ipaudit -ofile1.data
    ipaudit -ofile2.data

    cat file1.data file2.data | total 1,2,3,4,5 6,7,8,9 - > both.data

    Then use the file both.data to do your statistics. Note that if you use IPAudit's -t option to save the times in file1.data and file2.data, you will not be able to use total to combine the time fields. Perhaps in the next version of total.

    Told you it was ugly.

  3. When running IPAUDIT scripts (or when I try cron/cron30min) I get the following error
    /bin/date: invalid date `mer sep 27 16:59:56 CEST 2000'
    $IP_DIR/ipaudit died prematurely

    (Oct 3, 2000)

    I think its a bug in date, it cannot read the dates that is writes out when the date includes certain time zones, like CEST or JAVT.

    Here's how to work around it. In the file cron/cron30min change the line:
    CURDATE_DEF=`$GNUDATE "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"`

  4. Why can't the ipaudit cron scripts create gif files? The output of cron says
    gnuplot> set term gif small size 600,150 xffffff x000000 xdddddd x880000 x008800 x000088 x666666
    line 0: unknown or ambiguous terminal type; type just 'set terminal' for a list

    (Feb 1, 2001)

    The problem is that your version of gnuplot does not produce gif files. You can convert ipaudit to use png files instead as follows.

    In the four files ~/reports/30min/graphic/Graph* change the line
    set term gif small size 600,150 xffffff x000000 xdddddd x880000 x008800 x000088 x666666
    set size 1.0, 0.3125
    set term png small color
    and, in the file ~/public_html/index.html change the four lines such as
    <img src=images/ReportTraffic.gif>
    <img src=images/ReportTraffic.png>
    and, in the file ~/reports/30min/graphic/runcron change the four lines such as

    Thanks to Andy Z for the solution.

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