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IPAudit 0.95

Jan 19, 2001
-  ipaudit: corrected for packet double count / double write when packets travels between two monitored interfaces.
	    added -M option to turn off correction for multiple devices.
Jan 2, 2001
-  ipaudit: added config file option

Dec 21, 2000
-  ipaudit: added multiple interface read - "ipaudit eth0:eth1"
	    use of select() to implement multiple reads - fixes exit problem in a different way from yesterday.

Dec 20, 2000
-  ipaudit: fixed ihandler() to exit cleanly (no more core dumps?) by using fcntl() to set interface file descriptor to O_NONBLOCK
-  ipstrings: fixed handling of DLT_NULL packet type (needed to at 'PacketOffset' to 'caplen')

Dec 10, 2000
-  ipaudit: expand '-l' (local) option to allow more flexible ip ranges.
-  ipstrings: add '-z' (size) to print ip packet size.

Oct 17, 2000
-  ipaudit: add 'C' option to preserve icmp packet type/code bytes in printed source port field.
-  	    add 'I' option to dump all traffic from a single IP address.
-  	    separate ipaudit distribution into ipaudit-bin (just C code) and a future ipaudit-web (cron and cgi scripts).
	    Currently cron and cgi scripts available in ipaudit-0.93b3.tgz

Sep 29, 2000
-  ipaudit: fixed long standing problem when writing ICMP packets (-w); first 4 bytes of ICMP header were mistakenly zeroed.

Sep 19, 2000
-  total: added -d, -v, -N options

Aug 23, 2000
-  ipaudit-web: changed from gif to png (thanx andyz)

Aug 21, 2000
- ipaudit.c: cleaned up Usage message
- 	     added -S option to print ip addresses in short format
- Removed dependence upon GNU date in all scripts.  Perl scripts use
    &Date() subroutine, shell scripts call new pdate.c.

Aug 14, 2000
- removed from cronclean bash specific construct:  ${HTML_DAY:-${DEF_HTML_DAY}}

ipaudit 0.93b3

July 25, 2000
- re-organized distribution
- added scripts for generating web site displaying ipaudit statistics

ipauidt 0.92

Jun 20, 2000
- print ethernet packets with -e option
- prevent memory overflow due to packet storms with -L option
- sort output by ip address or intial connection time if -t option.
- include total.c, ipstrings.c utilies in distribution, and
     assorted perl scripts - dnslist, ipf, icf (total utility replaces collate)
- fix reading of some devices such as ppp (add correct offset to ip packet structure)
- use separate structures for ip and eth packet cracking.
- hopefully removed code which made BSD OS not compile.
- Packet length no longer includes ethernet header
- correctly take into account ip header length (option field)
- debug option also prints version info, for easier debug reports

ipaudit 0.91.2

Feb 1, 2000
   - added -m option by request (to switch off promisc mode)
   - try 'call pcap_close()' from ihandler(), see if it helps signal
Jan 24, 2000
   - added collate utility

ipaudit 0.91.1

Jan 19, 2000
   - Fixed -p option, was not reading udp port options correctly
     (thanks James Stephens)

ipaudit 0.91

Jan 7, 2000
   - Fix -c option in getopt() (thanks Bob Maccione)
   - Add -t option to list opening and closing connection time
         (suggested by Aivo Kalu)
   - Add -b option to write output in binary format (experimental)
   - Add -d option to switch on debugging output

ipaudit 0.9

Nov 18, 1999
   Initial Release
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